Welcome to the Student Chaplaincy Wageningen


Dear friends,

it is high time for an update!

Some of you may know that formerly we were located in Duivendaal 7, however, in March this year were had to vacate the building because the university of Wageningen sold the area. Our new office is located in ‘the building with the clock’ as we call it, Generaal Foulkesweg 37.

This shift of location also requires us to select a new suitable place for our regular services, taking place on the first and third - and sometimes fifth Sunday of every month. This new service place is the Arboretum Church in Wageningen. Please refer to the calendar to be informed about the next upcoming service and other activities.

On another note: we now share more activities with the student platform as we already do during our Taize prayers.

This not being enough new information, we would also like to let you know that the contact program will now be continued through an initiative led by the university. We are thankful to all families that have opened their houses for international students giving them a home and having created the opening for this great initiative.

We are an ecumenical and international community of students from countries all over the world and from different Christian traditions.